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Affordable Suzuki cello lessons from a registered Suzuki cello teacher in Saratoga Springs, Utah.

What is Suzuki?

Shinichi Suzuki is the creator of the Suzuki Method. It is an effective, unique and fun way for children to learn how to play an instrument. Erica is a registered Suzuki cello instructor, and Suzuki is the primary teaching method she uses. Keep reading to learn more about the method and what it means for you and your child.

Shinichi Suzuki, Father of the Suzuki Method

Shinichi Suzuki, Father of the Suzuki Method

What is the Suzuki?

Basically, the principles of natural language are used to teach students their instruments. Rather than focusing on Western-style sight-reading and music theory, students learn to play the same way they learned to speak. Suzuki also prescribes a great deal of parental involvement, positive and loving encouragement and repetition, and uses group classes as a key part of instruction.

Suzuki students learn new skills and pieces through listening, previews, and repetition.  Listening is the biggest factor for how quickly a child will progress.

Does this mean my child won't learn to read music?

Not at all! Children studying with Erica via the Suzuki method will learn to read, but don't be surprised if it isn't as emphasized at first. Reading and music theory are advanced concepts that come with age and time, so they are introduced as the basic foundation of posture and technique is solidified. Because Suzuki is more akin to learning to speak, where children focus on hearing and speaking before reading, very young students (as young as three) are empowered to play!

How involved are parents?

In short: very. Suzuki learning generally requires parents to be extremely involved in and supportive of their child's learning. Erica recommends having one parent at lessons. If that parent doesn't play the cello, consider learning with the child! The progression / continuation of students with highly involved parents is far greater than those who are less engaged – meaning you get more for your investment in lessons, and your children are more likely to succeed and stick with it.

Erica works with parents to find the right level and methods of parental involvement to suit their child's needs.

Is this only for younger children?

Erica is particularly experienced with younger students, but teaches students of all ages. Suzuki can be meaningful for students of any age.

How can I learn more?

Visit our Contact Page to get in touch with Erica, and check out the great resources of the American Suzuki Association and Suzuki Association of Utah for more information. The book Nurtured by Love is another great resource; it was written by Shinichi Suzuki, and translated into English by his wife, Waltraud Suzuki.